Your questions.

Do you have a question about our service ? Here are frequently asked questions. If you still do not find your answer, please contact-us.

Yes. Our services are without commitment. You can cancel your subscription at anytime, and without charges.
No. Appsidious takes care of it and publish your applications on App Store and Google Play.
Yes. Your application can be modified at anytime with you user account. The application update is free.
The duration of the first submission can vary according your application type.

  • An Android application published on Google Play is released between 2 and 4 days after the first payment.
  • An iOS application published on the App Store has to be verified by Apple. This verification can take between 6 and 14 days after the first payment.
After updating your application, Appsidious will verify it. This process can take up to two days. After that, your application will be updated on all devices after re-launching the app.
However, an application update on the stores (App Store and Google Play) will be necessary if the following elements are modified : the application icon, the store icon or the splashscreen (the loading image).
No. To diffuse musics protected by copyrights, you must obtain the permissions from the competent authorities of your country.
Yes. Subscription payments are automatic and managed by Paypal. You can stop whenever you want, directly from your Paypal account.
The white label option allows you to publish your application on your own developer accounts. The application will be directly associated with your brand. No mention of Appsidious will be displayed.