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tick Broadcast your radio on iOS and Android
tick Reach an international audience
tick No coding & app-developing skills needed

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Jam packed with features

Appsidious gives you the opportunity to list multiple live radio streams
as well as list your upcoming events, RSS feed, reviews and more.


Show & Tell

Showcase your content the way you want.

Connect with your listeners by sharing your latest social feeds from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and videos from youtube and dailymotion.

Keep your listeners updated on the latest news through rss feeds and a variety of other social media platforms.

Got a story to tell? You can also share podcasts that you’ve created on Soundcloud.

Cast a wider net

Appsidious learns what users like to listen to and recommends the best content for them based on their listener history.

This feature allows listeners from all over the world to discover your radio station.

You will also be able to see who is tuning in to your radio and find out who put you on their favourites list.

Easy setup

Here at Appsidious, we believe in simplicity. We offer a simple, fuss-free and code-free way to configure your radio station on our website.

Watch your ideal radio station come to life with our elegant simulation tool and once you’re happy, save the hassle (and money!) and let us take care of everything else.

If you need to modify your radio at any stage, easily do so on the website. Publish and watch the updated changes take place instantly on your device.

Premium subscription

When it comes to your funds, we’ve got you covered.

Be a part of the Appsidious family at only 29$ per month. Your monthly subscription can be cancelled at any time with no strings attached.

Ready for more good news? Enjoy our 14-day free trial with no hidden fees and upfront payment. Go on, it’s our treat.

Fine-tuned for radio hosts like you

We publish your radio stream to our app.
Update your radio in a matter of clicks.
Reach an international audience and find 
new listeners.
Grow your influence by getting recommended to new listeners.
Supports the following streaming servers:
Radionomy Icecast Shoutcast
Screenshot Absolute Radio
Screenshot BBC Radio
Screenshot Magic

Be in the big leagues

Join the giants of radio entertainment and list your station alongside BBC, Virgin, Heart and Absolute Radio. With us, you’re in good company.